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Optimum microfiber cloth

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These are some of the reasons why most car washes and detail shops use Optimum Multi-Surface Towel with Optimum Car Wax to get the maximum shine in the least amount of time. Another reason of course, is that one Optimum Multi-Surface Towel lasts hundreds of washes, and more than pays for itself in time and money.

Here’s how it works:

Optimum Multi-surface Towel Terry towels work great for enamel paints. However, most of today's cars have a clear coat finish that not only gets scratched much easier, but it also shows scratches and blemishes much more. These traditional towels create swirl marks on the clear coat finish every time they are used. That is why Microfiber is the only towel that should come in contact with clear coat finishes and is the choice of most car wash and detailing