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Optimum Waffle Wash Pad

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Whether you want to use the Optimum Waffle Wash Pad for every day washing use, or just for special rinseless wash occasions, the unique waffle foam and soft open cell guarantees you a clean surface every time.

Here’s how it works:

The Optimum Waffle Wash Pad is a super-soft, open cell foam washing sponge, perfect for both involved washes and quick rinseless and waterless washes. The high quality, waffle shaped foam absorbs an extreme amount of water that provides an effortless glide across your paint. The only thing Optimum Waffle Wash Pad leaves behind is a clean surface. Every wash you give your car comes with a slight risk – the risk of instilling light swirls and scratches. But, if you use a washing medium designed specifically for washing, that risk goes down immensely. The Optimum Waffle Wash Pad uses its unique waffle design to draw dirt, dust, and other debris into the sponge and away from your paint. Since there is nothing to drag across the surface and scratch, you’re left with simply clean paint!