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Duragloss Detailing Tips

Duragloss Detailing Tips


Step 1 DG901 Car Wash Concentrate:


This shampoo is really foamy. You only need a cap for a big pail of water. If you intend to claybar, go for 2 caps to have more lub. Do not follow instructions for 3 caps for a gallon, you will have foam party. After washing and rinsing your car, dry with a waffle weave or a drying towel. For waffle weave user, each time before you use it is recommended to soak into water, squeeze dry and you can start to wipe dry the car.


Step 2 DG 101 Polish Cleaner / DG501 Marine & RV Polish:


 Use a micro-fiber applicator, and damp applicator with a bit of water. Apply polishes on to applicators; a size of a 10cent coin is good enough. Apply onto panel with a thin layer. Hazy and cloudy effect is enough. Avoid circular direction. You need not use too force to apply unless for removing stubborn stains. Apply whole car and wait for 5 mins to haze and you can start buffing off with a micro-fiber cloth.


Step 3 DG601 Paint Bonding Agent:


This step is applicable to those using DG601 PBA. If you are not using it, you can proceed to Step 4. For PBA as it is very transparent, you may not see the hazy or cloudy effect. A thin layer will do. You need not damp applicators with water. After application, DO NOT remove PBA. Let it haze for about 10 mins then apply DG105 TPP or Trackclaw Polish on top. Leave sealant to haze for 5 to 10 mins and remove everything with micro-fiber cloth. PBA increase durability, gloss, and it loosen up old wax and speeds up curing time for your sealant. Another way of using it is to mix ratio 1:3 with Trackclaw Polish or DG105. BUT remember to mix in a separate bottle. Do not use after 24hrs.


Step 4 DG105 Total Performance Polish / Trackclaw Polish / DG111 Clear Coat Polish


Use a micro-fiber applicator and damp applicator with a bit of water. Apply onto applicator a size of a 10cent coin is good enough. Apply onto panel with a thin layer. A cloudy and hazy effect is good enough. Let it haze for about 10 mins and you can start buffing off with micro-fiber cloth. If you wish to apply DG951 Aquawax, you may do so but not for DG521 Quick Detailer. Quick detailer comes in between washes or for fresh water spot, tree sap or bird droppings.




If you have both DG951 and DG521, use DG951 weekly or bi-weekly. For daily use will be DG521 quick detailer. If you intend to have a coat of DG951, you can use DG521 to clean up surface and proceed to DG951. If you do not intend to use DG951, simply go round with DG521 will do. Just remember DG951 is always the last step! Take note that for or DG951, the result will be better after when it is cured. Some of us have noticed the difference on the following day.


TIPS: Instead of damping applicators with water for DG105, spray a bit of DG951 on applicators or panel first, followed by application of DG105. Don’t ask me why, you try it and you might see something different… Or after buffing away DG105, you can apply DG951 on applicator and apply on panel. Apply evenly and walk away. No buffing is required. This step requires a little bit of skill or else you will get unbuffed DG951 sticking on the panels. Happy detailing guys! Feel free to discuss if you have any doubts!




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