Duragloss Microfiber Drying Towel

Duragloss Microfiber Drying Towel

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Dry your car streak free, in half the time, using only this large 17"x26" long microfiber towel. Custom made for Duragloss, this fabric not only absorbs eight times its weight in water, but ALSO lifts away residual dirt that may remain after washing your car. Therefore, microfiber is better than a chamois, absorber, water blade or cotton terry towel, all of which only remove water. Using this microfiber drying towel will help avoid creating swirl marks, while other drying products may even cause swirl marks when residual dirt is pushed around over your car’s finish. The Duragloss Plush Microfiber Drying towel is softer, In stock.

How to maintain microfibre

Never use fabric conditioner– Always number one on our list when washing. The conditioner gets deep into and stays in the fibres vastly reducing the effectiveness.

Take care – If you drop a microfibre towel or cloth on the ground – consider binning it – either that or be prepared to sit for a long time picking out each of the bits it will invariably pick up – you don’t want the possibility of a bit of grit hiding in the fibres scratching your newly polished paintwork.

Wash before first use – although most cloths and towels will be lint free straight out of the bag – we do find that some lint created during the manufacturing process can remain with the cloths until first wash.

Consider adding vinegar – a small amount of vinegar with your washing detergent or microfibre rejuvenator to help remove some oils and bacteria that might be picked up or start growing in the fibres.

If and when tumble drying – remember to always use a low heat – the fibres which are made up of varying proportions of Polyester and Polyamide will melt at higher temperatures and when then cool will harden and potentially scratch your paintwork or the surface you are working on.

Wash separately – try not to wash with materials that are not lint free – you will know from experience that microfibres will attract and retain most bits they come into contact with – the last thing you want is for bits wool, lint and other materials from your washing being trapped in your microfibres.

Dampness stinks – do not leave your microfibre drying towel or cloth lying around damp – as soon as you can get them washed and dried – this will help prevent the growth of horrible smelling bacteria as mentioned in Tip 4. If not able to wash and dry immediately rinse out in clean water and then totally submerge in a container of clean water with some added vinegar – this will help reduce bacteria growth until you can wash and dry.

Store separately – try to store your microfibres in a dry, dust free environment and away from other materials to prevent them attracting lint, dust and other particles