17oz - Optimum Leather and Vinyl Protectant

17oz - Optimum Leather and Vinyl Protectant

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Protect leather, vinyl, and trim with a clean, satin finish! Optimum Leather Protectant gives your car’s leather complete protection and a low-gloss, non-greasy finish – all in a convenient spray! Optimum Leather Protectant cleans and protects leather seats, vinyl, trim, and moldings. The innovative protectant provides impenetrable UV protection and restores the original color of interior surfaces. Optimum Leather Protectant treats leather and so much more!

Finally, a protectant that works well with NO sticky, shiny residue! Automotive leather and vinyl are processed with special preservatives to protect them against weathering, scratching, and fading. These preservatives diminish in a matter of months, leaving your seats and trim exposed to the elements. Optimum Leather Protectant replaces those preservative chemicals and restores your leather and vinyl to optimum condition without leaving an oily, shiny film. Your interior looks new, not dressed.

Optimum Leather Protectant works equally well on vinyl and leather. Since vinyl is made to simulate the look and feel of leather, they are both treated with similar protective chemicals. Optimum Leather Protectant mimics these chemicals to restore your interior’s original texture and resiliency. It doesn’t deposit greasy gloss agents on the surface that ultimately attract dust. Optimum Leather Protectant cleans and protects these surfaces with a low-gloss, satin finish that stays clean.

Optimum Leather Protectant protects your leather and vinyl by depositing UV inhibitors and hydrating oils deep in the pores while cleaners remove marring contaminants. Drying, cracking, and fading are prevented so your surfaces stay supple and uniform in color. Optimum Leather Protectant even hides scratches on your leather and vinyl so they virtually disappear. The finish is subtle, not shiny. Your dashboard, seats, and trim will be restored to their original color and finish.

You can use Optimum Leather Protectant on exterior trim and molding, too!

Optimum Leather Protectant contains no chemical solvents or VOC’s. Only the finest, environmentally friendly cleaners and protectants go into this superior formula.

Optimum Leather Protectant offers effective cleaning, UV protection, dust repellency, and surface restoration of your leather and vinyl all in one bottle. Optimum Leather Protectant will bring your interior back to life!

Made in USA